Monday, March 16, 2015

Does your business have all of the necessary licenses?

Do you own a small business?  The amount of administrative requirements small businesses have can grow overwhelming very quickly.  Here's a small thing that you may have missed but is important to ensure is properly handled: business licenses.

Depending on your type of business, you may need additional licenses (i.e., attorneys need to license their law firms with the Virginia State Bar).  Here's what you typically need:

1) Register with the SCC (State Corporation Commission).  To do this, you will need to form a business (LLC, Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, etc) and file the initiating documents.

2) Obtain and register your registered agent.  You can act as your own registered agent in may circumstances or you can retain a registered agent service to act as your registered agent.  Either way, you need to ensure that information is properly filed with the SCC.

3) Obtain your local business license.  Most, if not all, cities and counties require a local business license.  To do this, you need to ensure your business address is in the proper zone (i.e. not residential in most cases).

As I mentioned, there may be additional licensing requirements depending on the nature of your business but these are the three most commonly required licenses.  If you are starting your own business and would like a consultation, please contact us at (804) 447-0146 or