Monday, July 21, 2014

Custody: Getting Creative

Custody cases can be very difficult for people to handle.  They are emotional, high stakes cases and typically, the parties just want what's best for their children.  The problem is, with the emotions running high between the parties, it can become difficult to articulate what those best interests are. 

Personally, I like to get creative when it comes to custody cases.  Most people know the standard custody arrangement: one person gets primary custody of the child, the other person gets weekend visitation every other weekend and possibly a weeknight dinner.  Just because that is a common arrangement doesn't mean it's what's best for you, your child and your co-parent

Maybe your and your co-parent are capable of being in the same room together.  Maybe we can find a schedule that allows your child to spend ample amount of time with both of his/her parents.  Maybe every other weekend isn't feasible as visitation for you or your co-parent, how can we fix that?  Let's not use the default custody and visitation schedule and let's work together to find a real resolution that can last.  

Having an attorney on your side in a custody case can help you explore creative solutions.  Because we are not as emotionally involved, we can help you think outside the box to figure out the best resolution for your case. 

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