Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Going through divorce: What about my health insurance?

There are millions of questions going through you head during a divorce and this one may or may not have come across your mind.  You're going through a divorce and you've been on your spouse's health care insurance; now what?

In many cases, the court can order your spouse to maintain you on his/her health insurance policy during the pendency of the divorce.  This means, during the time you are separated but not yet officially divorced, you may still be able to have health care coverage through your spouse.  However, it is extremely unlikely that you will be able to be maintained on his/her health care coverage after the divorce is finalized.  This means, during the pendency of the divorce, you should be looking into your options for health care; don't wait until the divorce is finalized to begin researching your options.  Keep in mind, however, the court may order that your spouse maintain your children on his/her health care insurance even beyond the finalization of the divorce.

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