Monday, April 21, 2014

What happens during a divorce?

Divorce.  What exactly is it?  We know that it is the formal separation of a married couple.  But what else? 

Divorce can be simply (or as simple as it can get) that: the formal separation of a married couple.  Divorce can also be many more things as well. 

Divorce can be the division of marital assets.  This can include the home, cars, personal property, 401(k)s, stocks, retirement income, the pets, etc.  Any property owned by both of the parties during the marriage (even if it was acquired before the marriage in some cases) can be distributed through the divorce. 

Divorce can be planning for the future: calculating child support and spousal support, separating future retirement income that has not yet been distributed, etc. 

Divorce can be determining custody and visitation of the children.  Who makes the decisions?  Who do the children live with?  When do the children see the other parent?  What are the expectations of each parent?  All of these questions can be answered through the divorce. 

Finally, divorce does not have to be limited to the legal realm.  For you, divorce may include, counseling or financial planning.  It may include searching for a new home or selling your old home.  Your divorce attorney should be able to, at the very least, point you in the right direction for accomplishing all of your goals in a divorce, not simply the legal separation and ending of the marriage. 

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