Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pondering divorce? May want to meet with an attorney ASAP

Are you pondering a divorce?  If you are seriously thinking about divorcing your spouse, you may want to meet with an attorney as soon as possible.

Meeting with an attorney is confidential and by no means translates into having absolutely decided to divorce your spouse.  During you decision making process, an attorney can provide a great deal of guidance and advice relating to not only the divorce process, but also the effects after the divorce, the timing of leaving your spouse, the manner of leaving your spouse, etc.

It is at this time, the decision making process and the initiating of the divorce, that many people make mistakes that can hurt them legally during the divorce process.  An attorney can help you determine how to "separate" depending on your financial situation, the incomes of you and your spouse, your children's situations, etc. so that you are protecting your legal rights down the road.  For instance, you may not want to leave the marital residence if that is where your children are residing, depending on the totality of the circumstances.  You also may believe you can't afford a divorce financially.  An attorney can help you understand your different options to determine if there is a way to afford a divorce.   Another example: if you leave your spouse, you may be setting yourself up for your spouse to divorce you based on desertion (again, depending on the totality of the circumstances).

Attorney's are not just there for the actual divorcing of you and your spouse, they can help you prior to your separation, during the separation and divorce, as well as after the divorce.  If you are contemplating a divorce, you may be smart to go ahead and meet with an attorney who can help you navigate this tough time.