Thursday, January 24, 2013

Consequences of failing to follow a court order

In Virginia, there are a variety of consequences that may result from failing to follow a court order.  These consequences vary in large part, depending on the type of court order (criminal, custody, child support, etc.).  Therefore, the consequences discussed below are discussed as consequences generally.  You should consult an attorney regarding the specific court order at issue in your case.

1. The court may find you in contempt.  This could be a misdemeanor depending on the type of contempt found.

2.  After finding you in contempt, the court may order you to pay a fine.  Keep in mind this is ANOTHER court order that must be followed.

3.  The court may order you to do specific things (this is more common in family law cases and criminal cases), such as serve additional time in jail/prison, communicate with your ex-spouse only via email, etc.  This can vary quite a bit.

4.  After finding you in contempt, sentence you to either a period of time in jail (up to 12 months) or hold you in jail until you comply with the court order.

There may be additional consequences you will face depending on your court order.  However, these are common consequences.  Court orders are important and are put in place for a reason; they should be followed and you may face serious consequences if you decide to disobey the order of the court.  Again, contact an attorney to discuss your matter in further detail.