Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Dealing with the holidays as a divorced parent

The holidays are a difficult time for most parents who are divorced.  Both parents want to spend time with their children on the holidays and likely, someone is going to be disappointed.  Keep in mind this holiday season, it's about your children.  Focus on the happiness and well being of your children when determining a holiday schedule and remember, it's okay to be creative.

Some parents decide to split each holiday, the children with mom in the morning and with dad in the afternoon.  Some parents split the holidays annually, the children with mom this year and the children with dad next year.  If both parents are amicable, sometimes, the parents spend the holiday together with their children.  Whatever you decide, put your kids first.  Focus on your children's needs and what type of schedule will work best for them.  If the children do not get to see a parent on a holiday, ensure that the child is able to talk on the phone (or even better, skype) with the other parent.

The key to making the holidays a happy time of year is focusing on what will be best for your children.  Work together with the other parent and ensure the children's needs are met before worrying about your wants and desires.